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Patients at Dr. Adrian Acosta’s dental clinic are treated with some of the most advanced technology available today. These new technologies make treatment safer, more accurate, more lasting and more beautiful than ever before. Patient’s feel pampered and priviledged to be so well taken care of. Below you can learn more about some of these technological advances available to you.

Cadent Itero Digital Scanner
The Cadent Itero Digital Scanner is a device which replaces impression trays and impression materials that have been used in dentistry for hundreds of years. A quantum leap forward, this device can take an impression of your teeth without a mouthful of impression material. Click below to learn more.

cadentitero digital scanner
Caden Itero Digital Scanner

Easy Dental Imaging
Easy Dental imaging software and sensors are a set of software and hardware that allow us to obtain and manage digital images including digital x-rays and digital photography. Click below to learn more.

Easy Dental Imaging

Deka CO2 Laser
The Deka is a CO2 laser which has afforded patients the ability to receive treatment that they could not previously get in a general practitioner setting. This tool has also improved many procedures which were previously painful and can now be done without anesthesia in some cases. Click below to learn more.

Deka Lasers

Zoom Whitening Lamp
This new generation of whitening lamps shortens the procedure time for teeth whitening. Click below to learn more.

zoom whitening
Zoom Whitening

This orthodontic treatment is one of the most advanced modalities available. It allows the dentist to virtually straighten or align your teeth before actually doing so in your mouth. Then the dentist is able to align your teeth without metal brackets or wire braces. Click below to learn more.



"My personal appearance is important for my job. I need a dental office who has the latest technology and techniques to make me look my best."

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