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We all need to splurge once in a while. If you are in need of dental care wouldn’t it be great if steps were taken to make it as pleasant as possible? We here at Dr. Acosta’s offices feel that the patient should feel pampered when they visit us. Your pampering starts the moment you walk in the front door.

Our décor is especially designed to provide a soothing calming effect. When you come in you will be offered a complimentary cool beverage like water or green tea.

Our reception area provides comfortable seating and a 42 inch plasma TV although you won’t wait there long because Dr. Acosta believes that patients should be seated for their appointment almost immediately. But if some one came with you, rest assured that they will be comfortable.



Our light and airy setting and our friendly staff/family will welcome you in and make you feel at ease. Each of our dental chairs has a personal monitor so you can watch a DVD or listen to a music CD on personal headsets during your treatment.

At the end of your appointment you won’t be dismissed until you have received a warm moist towlette to wipe your face and a sugar-free mint to eliminate any less-than-pleasant taste that you might have lingering in your mouth.

The recurring theme in our offices is quality and comfort. Often the comment is made that this visit to the dentist felt more like a visit to the spa.



"I care for others all the time. I need a dental office that will meet my need to splurge on something for myself."

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Dr. Acosta and staff are always attending events and seminars to continue their education and improve the service they provide. We encourage you to stay informed on our efforts to improve in our professional training, the best in personal care and the latest in dental technology. Read more...

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The staff in the practice of Dr. Adrian Acosta combine unique talents with ongoing training and many years of professional experience to provide you with the best service possible. Read more...

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