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All of us here at Dr. Acosta’s offices are committed to the safety and well being of our patients. To this end we employ the latest in technology and training to keep our equipment clean and sterile as well as provide for the privacy of our clients personal information.

All of our instruments are either one time use or are heat sterilized in a state of the art autoclave after each use. We employ a cassette system that prevents cross contamination and keeps our staff safe from accidental exposure from used instruments. All instruments are first cleaned in an ultrasonic scrubber then the cassettes are individually wrapped and autoclaved. These cassettes are not opened until the moment we are about to use them for our patients.

Every surface in the operating room is disinfected after every patient and then covered with disposable barriers which are discarded after each use. Our staff receives training every year from a California State certified infection control specialist. We also have an in-office consultant who visits our office to make sure we are taking every step possible to provide for our safety and that of our patients.

All of our information systems are HIPPA compliant which means that your information is very safe. Our computer network is completely hard wired to eliminate the possibility of unauthorized access by hackers.


We have a daily back-up of all our electronic information which happens automatically on site through our state of the art server. You can rest assured that we have employed extensive measures to protect whatever information you provide to us.

Mercury Free and Lead Free
All of our dental restorations are mercury free and lead free. In fact virtually all of our restorations are completely metal free. Recent concerns over the role of mercury in dental fillings, as it relates to patient health, has lead us to eliminate the silver/mercury fillings from our treatment protocol.

All of our fillings and crowns are made of white composite or ceramics. However, recently concerns have been raised over the amount of lead that is present in the porcelain restorations that have been outsourced to China. Many dental laboratories, in an effort to cut cost, have been sending out their crown and bridge work to be fabricated in China.

However the Chinese government doesn’t have the stringent controls that the U.S. has on acceptable levels of lead in our products. Law suits are already being filed by patients who have had adverse health effects after receiving such restorations from their dentists.

Dr. Acosta is proud to say that all of our crown and bridgework is made in America and meets or exceeds all government safety guidelines.

We believe in safety because we are also patients, and our personal information is also stored here in our facility. We employ the same measures to protect you that we use to protect ourselves.


“I need a dental office that I can trust to use the most thorough sterilization and infection control techniques and to protect my personal information from falling into the wrong hands.”

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