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Our Philosophy


We can take a lesson from nature. Which is more beautiful to you, a healthy plant or an unhealthy plant? What about in animals? Which is more beautiful, a healthy animal or a sickly animal? In virtually all cases that which is healthy is more beautiful to us than that which is in an unhealthy state. But what is it that makes a certain appearance more beautiful to us than another appearance? Well it could be that when our prehistoric ancestors set about choosing a mate, those who were attracted to healthy potential partners were more likely to reproduce and rear offspring who survived to adulthood themselves.

These offspring who inherited their parents’ appearance and good health did better at passing on their genes than those who were perhaps not as healthy. In doing this they were genetically programming our species to be attracted to a certain "look", the healthy "look". We are genetically programmed to find health much more attractive than that which is in an unhealthy state. A multibillion dollar a year industry of health and fitness and beauty is founded on this principle.

When our teeth, lips and gums are in a stable and harmonious state of health we naturally find it to be beautiful and generally find it more attractive. This is why we say that a healthy smile is a beautiful smile.

However it is also true that many diseases do not have obvious symptoms. That little bit of bad breath that you find such a nuisance could actually be due to a serious oral infection that can have devastating affects on your body. Or that "cold sore" that you keep getting could actually be a pre-cancerous lesion. This is why we always do a thorough examination in which we screen for many oral and systemic conditions.

But by the same token, if we want to correct something about our smile which we or others find unattractive, it is most likely not a purely cosmetic endeavor. On the contrary, if we make our smiles more beautiful we are certainly making them more healthy. Beyond this, our healthy beautiful smiles also have profound effects on our emotional well being. Countless scientific studies and anecdotal evidence point to the benefits of improved self-confidence that comes with a beautiful healthy smile. At this very moment there is someone who has decided not to go out of the house today because they feel embarrassed about their appearance. These folks are missing out on life. Don’t you think that a healthy beautiful smile would make a huge difference in their wellness?

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We are committed to helping people achieve health. In so doing we are making a lot of beautiful smiles. And every healthy smile is a beautiful smile.



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