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To Our Patients Wearing
Removable Appliances
(Full or Partial Dentures)

Many patients who are missing teeth can now benefit from dental implants. Implants take advantage of modern medical and dental breakthroughs that allow patients with missing teeth to significantly improve the quality of their lives. This breakthrough becomes particularly beneficial to denture wearers.

Almost every patient wearing removable appliances has experienced sore spots, slippage of the appliance and a general lack of stability. Sometimes this occurs when a new appliance is made and it takes significant time to adjust. Other times it occurs in the latter stages in the life of an appliance when it no longer fits properly. Whichever the case, appliance wearers go through cycles of discomfort and poor fit.

The source of these problems involves a natural process of atrophy or bone erosion that occurs when teeth are lost. Over time, the jawbone of every appliance wearer begins to erode, and as bone is lost the appliance becomes less stable and harder to wear. The good news is that dental implants can eliminate not only the slippage and discomfort of appliances, but also bone loss.

Patients who wear removable appliances who decide on implants follow a simple series of treatments. The first step is to place two or more dental implants in the jawbone. This is a reasonably comfortable procedure that can be done in the dental office. It requires that the doctor place a biocompatible metal post gently in the jawbone.

The post remains hidden for a few months, and during this time the bone of the jaw bonds to the dental implant. The result is a strong and stable implant that many people feel equals the strength of a naturally rooted tooth.

The second step is to place a cylindrical abutment on top of the implanted post. This is a very comfortable procedure where the abutment is simply attached to the implant post. The result is a cylinder that extends into the mouth, ready to attach to the final appliance. At this point, the implant placement procedure is complete.

The third and final step is for a new appliance to be made that will "snap" onto the implant. You can literally attach or "snap" the appliance onto the dental implants, giving your appliance tremendous stability. You will no longer have to worry about the appliance slipping in the mouth or using denture adhesives to keep the appliance in place.

Implants are making a difference in the lives of dental patients across America. There is no reason for anyone to continue to suffer with appliances that slip, rub, create sore spots or allow for bone to erode. Modern dentistry is bringing many new opportunities for increased oral health, and dental implants are one of the best that we have to offer.

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